I recommend The Creative’s Workshop

I whole-heartedly recommend the The Creative’s Workshop by Akimbo.

Last week, I wrapped up the 100-day long workshop. During the workshop, I:

When I started the workshop, I was writing daily posts about engineering management. A few of the better ones showed up on this blog. I know that new engineering managers need more (and more varied) support to develop soft skills. The daily writing helped me realize that I wasn’t going to provide it. At least right now.

About a month into the workshop, I started writing about product development and community. A few quick conversations later and I had found my focus for the next two months: product development in community. That was where I found my footing and things took off. I expected to come out of the workshop with a blog and a stronger commitment to my writing practice. Instead, I’ve got this whole Scrimmage brand side project.

I’m thankful to the folks I met and had the opportunity to collaborate with. I can trace back the roots of each of the projects to specific conversations I had with fellow participants. If you’ve got an idea or the desire to create something new, take the Creative’s Workshop. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.

If you’ve got any questions, I’d be happy to talk about it in greater detail. Contact me anytime!