For the past 3+ months, I’ve been participating in the Seth Godin’s Creatives Workshop. It is a workshop about creating and shipping new work. That was the impetus for the re-creation of this site, the Irregular.Cafe, and the Product Lab. Last week, I passed 100 daily posts within the workshop.

In the last session, Max, one of the participants, mentioned that he recently past 100 days of running his Learning Log. That’s a massive accomplishment. A workshop didn’t tell him to. He decided to learn web development and had the forethought to document the process. You should check his page out. It’s “just” a Jekyll site, but it is the best done site I’ve seen in a while for capturing learning progress. The metrics on the stats page pull together the effort he’s put into his learning process.

As silly as it is, I loved to watch the odometer in my car turn over at milestones. 1000, 10,000, 111,111, etc. It felt more impressive before they went digital, but I still like to see it. It took focus to catch it; beyond the numbers turning over, there was no indication that the milestone had occurred. 10,000 miles means nothing to the car. The importance is all in the driver’s head. Turning over the 100 Dailies felt similar. I wanted to make it a big deal, but no such luck. The practice needs to continue and it doesn’t care if it is 5 days, 87 days or 100 days, but we do.

How do you set milestones for your projects?