Playing with Levels of Fidelity

When building software as a team, you need to pay attention to the levels of fidelity of your representation. Developing software to be shared with the world can be a long, arduous process; it is full of all the boring and malicious bits of testing, polishing, and generally getting the idea ready for the world. This shouldn’t be the first time the world has seen your product.

Your audience should have seen it and ideally helped to co-create it from the beginning; starting with those lowest levels of fidelity; the software description and the sketches. It is much easier to correct something that is ‘wrong’ when it is still a sketch. It gets progressively more difficult as it moves through the phases to become a wireframe, a prototype, and eventually production code.

This is a process we follow when building software. I’m a firm believer in co-creation; when I’m building a tool or toy for someone else, I make sure that we have a shared understanding of what is being created.

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