Scrimmage Notes #2

Some talk about documenting your work in the short term and some futurist thought on rebuilding for the new normal.

If there is something you think should be showcased in here, let me know!

Worthwhile Links

A Society of Tinkerers

Herein lies our chance to establish a different enterprising mindset:

  • We need new ways to explore problems that matter.
  • We need to share hands-on knowledge with society so that anyone who wants to tinker with problems can tinker with problems.
  • We need an alternative to the zero-sum speculation that poses as celebration of entrepreneurship.

Six Months of Tiny Projects

Six months ago, I set myself the goal of creating one tiny project each week.

A wonderful example of a project log for tiny projects. If you are going to fail, at least document the process.

Scrimmage Links


A brief post by me, contrasting two 100 days of work milestones.

Irregular Cafe Schedule

I’m taking the week off from scheduled Irregular Coffee sessions. I’m always open to to a private chat if you’re interested.

I’m considering a bookclub as part of the Cafe in December, reading either Alex Hillman’s Tiny MBA or Seth Godin’s The Practice. Both are short, non-linear, and perfect for a drop-in book club. Have a preference? Reply to this email and let me know!