Should there be a Product Lab Black Friday offering?

As I work on the Product Lab material today, I find myself inundated with Black Friday offers and deals. I don’t mind it. So many of them are completely irrelevant to me, so I unsubscribe or delete. The relevant ones are super interesting for me. I’m not looking for a new course; I decided to focus on producing after the Creative’s Workshop. That said, I love deconstructing the pitches, the offers, and the mechanics behind it.
I started to think about what a Product Lab Black Friday deal might look like. Assuming I run 3+ iterations next year, what does the Black Friday deal look like for next year? I should have learned a great deal more through the constant iteration. Is there one? It would depend on the type of offering I build. The current Product Lab is time intensive. I couldn’t run many simultaneous cohorts of the current model without some automation.
Another approach would be to offer something different. The offers I am reading today focus on the content that they are providing. Product Lab, at least right now, isn’t about the material, but the community that forms through the work. Could I (over the next year) turn Product Lab into a book? A workbook and video course? It seems unlikely right now, but long term, it might work.