The Business of the Product Lab

I’m taking this week off from my day job. I’ve got a few weeks of accrued vacation, and due to COVID, we weren’t able to spend it on a family vacation as I had hoped. I’ll be doing some work this week on planning for Product Lab v2. I don’t know if I’ll have it all situated this week, but I’d like to rework the explainer/sales page to include some more information from the output of v1. This includes testimonials, better FAQ questions, and more detail about the schedule.

Some of the details of the schedule are still fuzzy for me. This is similar to the Amazon practice of Press-Release Driven Development. By focusing on what could be, I can better understand what should be.

So that’s the plan. A few things I’d like to have nailed down this week include:

  • Testimonials from v1 participants
  • A week-by-week breakdown of activities, including artifacts
  • Redone FAQ section
  • A Price Set for v2

V1 was free because I was building it as I went. I believe there is enough value in the Lab that could be charged for and I believe that people do better with an online course when they have skin in the game. Pricing is something I’ve never really done before. I expect some of these dailies may include my exploration of pricing strategy.