How many side projects have you started but not shipped?

The month-long Product Lab will help you to break the cycle. It will motivate you, guide you, and help you turn that ‘starting things‘ habit into a ‘shipping things‘ habit.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve started countless side projects that I haven’t been able to finish. The ones I finish are the ones for which others have held me accountable. If you’re like me, you’ve:

And then you get too busy. Or you lose interest.

That’s why I’m running this lab. We will assemble a cohort of people with a similar purpose and problem. Like you, they want to build something of their own. 

This cohort will act as a short-term mastermind group. We’ll keep each other honest, share insights and resources, and push each other to succeed.

What do you get out of it?


It’s free. We started on Oct. 1, 2020.

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This sounds involved. The Lab will be a mix of:


Three times a week, there will be a prompt released for you to respond to. They won't be too involved, you're building a product, but they should get you thinking!

Video Chats

Weekly optional video check ins, plus virtual office hours when you need a little nudge.

Public Demos

Deadlines get more real when you have to show your work. There will be practice demo sessions through out the Lab and a final public 'Pitch Day' for all teams.


How many email courses have you signed up for only to be forgotten or put to the side, to be done later? This will be hard. Accountability to your peers is a strong motivator. This is a month-long mastermind group to help you reach your own goals.

  • Backwards planning
  • Effective scoping and estimation
  • Minimum viable product
  • User feedback and discover

It isn’t absolutely necessary. The prompts will targeted toward projects started from scratch, but as long as you are willing to participate, you can join. I’ve been in the middle of projects and found that I needed a boost of accountability to get me through.

Consider it a public beta. I’ll be testing the format and content to ensure that its a quality product that works. If everything goes as planned, the next cohort will be a paid program.

Have a different question? Drop me a note. I’d be happy to chat!

Interested? Join us today!

The first session of the Lab kicked off on October 1st, 2020. Now taking submissions for the next session.