Time Management for Team Leads

Now that I’m a team lead, how do I manage my time between doing my work and mentoring my team?

Step one is to be intentional about how you are spending your time. If you hope to work both simultaneously or jump between the most urgent tasks, you will let down both yourself and your team.

As a skilled technical contributor, I found it easy to keep doing the technical work and to look for the ‘mentorship moments’ with my team when things did not go as anticipated. That is demoralizing – do you enjoy only getting feedback when you do something wrong?

What does it look like to be intentional about splitting your time? A good starting action is to simply block some time off in your calendar. Start small. Look at your schedule for tomorrow. Could you fit a two hour block somewhere? Set it aside for technical work (or whichever task is easier). Start with the task that comes more naturally first to start building up the habit of blocking out your time.

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